This Week in Coffee

This Week in Coffee...

This week at Ride Studio Cafe it is all about George Howell Coffee! For espresso we are pulling Aranzazu, a new Colombian espresso with citrus, tropical fruit, and milk chocolate flavors that pairs delightfully with steamed milk and stands well on its own for those who crave the simple kick of a double espresso. As always, we are also serving our standard decaf espresso, a Costa Rican coffee by George Howell, with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and walnuts.

For drip coffees today we are continuing to serve George Howell's Deri Kochoa from Ethiopia and El Angel from El Salvador. The  Deri Kochoa presents with flavors of jasmine, honey, and white peach.  El Angel is a lovely comforting coffee with flavors of honey, apple, and almond.


Our retail shelf is currently well stocked as well, and we have several wonderful options for home brewing. Currently we have our George Howell espresso options as well as the Deri Kochoa and a Kenyan coffee, Gachatha AB with tasting notes of white honey, cranberry, and plum. This coffee will also be coming up soon as a pour over option in the Cafe. We are also offering a variety of retail bags from Heart Roasters of Portland, Oregon. Come by and grab a bag of Nilton Cesar Mellizo from Colombia (cacao, cranberry, and ginger) or Chelelektu of Ethiopia (cacao, lavender, and honey). If you are in need of espresso, we have Heart's Stereo Espresso a Ethiopian and Guatemalan blend with flavors of Cocoa, raspberry, marzipan, and toasted marshmellow.

The coundown continues to the arrival of our new guest roaster, Four Barrel, from San Francisco, California. Check back in about two weeks and taste what this wonderful roaster has to offer!