This Week in Coffee...

This Week in Coffee: The Arrival of Four Barrel!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our next guest roaster, Four Barrel Coffee! Already on the retail shelf for home brewing, by the end of the day today or early tomorrow we will begin serving Colombia Andino single origin espresso. We can't wait to try this wonderful new option characterized by mango frangrance, orange, strawberry acidity, and caramel sweetness.

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Meanwhile, today we are serving up the last of our Daterra North espresso from George Howell Coffee. We have been loving this espresso's milk chocolate, macademia, and dark cherry flavor profile. Come in and try some while it lasts! Also available is our standard Costan Rican Decaf espresso from George Howell, with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and walnuts.

For pour over options today we have George Howell coffees Deri Kochoha from Ethiopia and Gachatha from Kenya. The  Deri Kochoa presents with flavors of jasmine, honey, and white peach and Gachatha highlights flavors of white honey, cranberry, and plum. In the coming days we will switch up the options and be serve George Howell's Montecarlos from El Salvador and La Bella from Guatemala. Coco, almond, and maple flavors characterize La Bella, while Montecarlos presents with light flavors of honeysuckle, apple, and orange.

On the food front, we are now offering Vermont Creamery butter and freshly ground almond butter to accompany a generous slice of fresh bread (sour dough or olive).

Come on by to try a cup of your preferred pour over option, a delicious espresso drink, or grab a bag of beans to brew at home.